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Choose your own path Blusher (Read Description)

Choose your own path Blusher (Read Description)

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Who remembers facefood balm? 

Our moisturising balm that sold out faster than I could make it….

I created a batch but this time we’ve added a slight tint so it can be used on cheeks & lips where you need a bit of moisture but would like a hint of colour.

FREE when you spend £10 or more in the store.

I didn’t manage to keep the temperature constant while it sat so the surface has bubbles from the hand pour— this is why it’s in the sale. It’s perfectly useable but just not aesthetically as pleasing as we’d like. 

just add to your basket

only 1 free balm per order.


coco butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil, carnauba wax, kaolin, Beetroot. 

please ensure you do a patch test.

keep out of reach of children

not suitable for internal use - external use only.

keep out of eyes.