Vegan & Cruelty Free Always

VE Cosmetics promise that:

Brand Values

Established in 2015, VE Cosmetics has consistently maintained its commitment to being 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free.

A pioneering UK indie brand that was one of the first to produce a completely vegan & cruelty-free cosmetics line. We are also proud to be a Female AuDHD Vegan owned and operated brand.

I can confirm that all products supplied to my customers are not tested on animals.

I do not conduct/commission or condone any animal testing or purchase supplies from any company that tests on animals.​

No products sold as of my launch date (01.06.15) will use ingredients that have been tested on animals, and the final products will not be tested on animals, nor sold in countries where animal testing is permitted by law. 


VE Cosmetics aim to dispatch all orders placed before 11am on the same day.

We do not ship on Saturdays or Bank Holidays.

Customer Service: