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Image by Jamie Mahon wearing Catalyst Latex

(Image of Lynsey by Jamie Mahon Photo)

VE cosmetics is the Brain child of Lynsey (aka Violeteyes).

Lynsey is an AuDHD Vegan with OCD/Tourettes, EDS & Fibromyalgia. She has been very open about her health and has always valued the sense of community and been open about her values and belief that we are all in it together and should be using our time to love and help each other.

Lynsey has a degree in Biochemistry and Medical physics and did work as a clinical scientist for many years before she left to further her modelling career.

Some of you may be old enough to remember Lynsey's alter ego VioletEyes a professional Alt Model who was very very vocal about Animal Rights in her interviews. Lynsey used to auction off her outfits from photoshoots in aid of numerous Animal Rescue Charities.

Lynsey struggled to find Vegan and cruelty free makeup on shoots and always ended up taking her own makeup along to photoshoots to avoid the use of non vegan/cruelty free makeup being used in her work. 

This led to Lynsey wanting to create a brand that was affordable, fully vegan and cruelty free, inclusive and high end quality. It had to of course also be aesthetically pleasing and truly as Gothic as could be.

Lynsey retired when she fell pregnant in 2014 and sold everything she owned to develop this line and in 2015 VE Cosmetics was born.  VE Cosmetics has consistently maintained its commitment to being 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free since its creation.

Whilst developing VE Cosmetics Lynsey offered her time up for free to numerous manufacturors to help them develop vegan formulas and help them swap out non vegan ingredients in developing products and encouraged manufacturers to create more vegan lines and encourage a more cruelty free world. This paved the way for a lot of indie brands to be able to create vegan lines.

 Lynsey's own Values became VE Cosmetics brand Values and these are:

  • I can confirm that all products supplied to my customers are not tested on animals.
  • I do not conduct/commission or condone any animal testing or purchase supplies from any company that tests on animals.​
  • No products sold as of my launch date (01.06.15) will use ingredients that have been tested on animals, and the final products will not be tested on animals, nor sold in countries where animal testing is permitted by law. 

So if you want to support a Female Vegan Owned Business with products that have appeared in Photoshoots for publications like Vogue Magazine and used by makeup artists all over the world VE is for you.

If you want to support A pioneering UK indie brand that was one of the first to produce a completely vegan & cruelty-free cosmetics line and will always remain committed to cruelty free vegan beauty then VE Cosmetics is for you.

If you want to support a brand that are very vocal on their vegan/cruelty free beliefs and went to Parliament in 2023 with The League against cruel sports to support the Business Without Bloodsports pledge VE Cosmetics is for you.

If you want to support a brand that has been nominated for small business awards and recognised for their efforts environmentally and to date have planted around 3856 Trees (Figure correct as of Oct 23) to help reduce Carbon Emissions, help biodiversity and rewild the earth then VE Cosmetics is for you. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our Brand Journey.