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As a Vegan owned and operated brand VE Cosmetics are Anti Oppression of all forms so we are very active in ensuring ethical practices throughout every part of our operations. This practise is a little more costly but we can sleep at night which is priceless!

I am working towards becoming a palm oil free business, I'm currently in the process of discontinuing any products with palm oil in and re-formulating them however unfortunately this is quite costly and taking a lot longer than I'd like but I aim to be 100% palm oil free.

All palm oil free products ( thankfully the majority) have been marked as Palm Oil free. (Items containing palm oil will remain on sale until I am out of stock - this will include some new products where I am using old formulations up).

​Q. What are your opening hours?
A. VE Cosmetics are contactable Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri between 9am and 3pm. I am not contactable via email/phone Wednesdays and Sundays as these are my days off. 

Q. Do you ship worldwide?
A. Yes we do - Please ensure you fill out your address details fully ( including full name of country with no abbreviations, post/zip code etc) when you checkout.

EDIT: We do not ship to Russia.

We copy the shipping address direct from your order & no longer spend time googling addresses to get the full details.
You are responsible for providing your address details to ensure your shipment reaches you.

Q. Do you offer Free Shipping?

A.Yes if you spend over £50 for the UK, £150 for Europe and £200 for USA/Canada/Australia & the rest of the world.​

Q. I want to contact you with a question how can I do that?
A. If your query is regarding an order send it direct to and please include your order number and confirm your address details. Please allow up to 10-14 working days for delivery as some areas in the UK are backlogged. If your order hasn't arrived within 14 days we will then look at refunding/replacing.

We copy the shipping address direct from your order & no longer spend time googling addresses to get the full details.
You are responsible for providing your address details to ensure your shipment reaches you. We will not refund or replace any orders that have been sent to the wrong address.

Q. Do you have a physical store?
A. No not yet we are only online, however we do have stockists that have physical stores.

Q. Are all your products vegan and cruelty free
A. Yes we are a strictly vegan brand that's vegan owned and operated.

Q. I received an email about a tree planted in my name, can you give me more information?

A. Yes we plant trees for every order placed with Tree Nation. The tree is paid for by VE Cosmetics but planted in your name. This helps us offset CO2 emissions and help protect our environment,and re forest the world.

Tree nations mission Statement is " 

Our mission is to reforest the world. Planting trees has been proven to be one of the most efficient solutions to fight Climate Change.

Thanks to our reforestation and conservation projects we help to restore forests, create jobs, support local communities and protect biodiversity.

Through the Tree-Nation platform we aim to bring a technological solution to the problem of Deforestation, responsible for about 17% of all Climate Change emissions.
We want to use technology to make tree planting easy and provide support, advice and solutions to citizens and companies to help them transition towards a sustainable future.

With 85% of all terrestrial species living in tropical forests, whose existences are intrinsically bound to the forests, their habitat, we care to restore and preserve the biodiversity to help avoid a mass extinction"

You can see the impact we are making here

Q.I didn't collect my order from the Post Office and it has been returned to you - do I have to pay postage again?
​A. Yes. Please see our returns policy for more information.

Q. Are you owned by a parent company?
​A. No VE Cosmetics are an independent one woman brand.

Q.Do you sell your products in China

Q. Do you test on animals?
A. No we are a fully vegan operated and owned brand and we think vivisection is cruel and unnecessary.

  • None of our finished products are tested on animals and all our ingredients are from sources that do not test on animals.
  • We also do not sell in countries that require testing legally.
  • We are anti animal testing and no amount of money can or will ever change that. 
  • Our official statement is on our home page.

Q. My order came in bubblewrap and I don't like plastics
​A. All our bubblewrap is fully biodegradable as are our new black mailing bags. Some items need that bit of extra protection when it is being shipped out and we use a mix of recycled shredded cardboard/paper and biodegradable bubblewrap.

​Q. Can I recycle all the packaging
​A. We are trying our best to ensure everything used is recyclable (Cardboard, aluminium and glass) but there are still a few products that some local authorities do not recycle - you can either take these to a Terracycle point if you have one near you or post back to me and I will take them to a Terracycle point near me. I will of course credit your postage off your next purchase.

Q. How do you source your Mica?
A. As far as ethical Mica goes there isn't any certification or anything in place to verify how Mica has been mined. As of 2020 we have switched all our lines over to Synthetic Mica to avoid any unnecessary cruelty and child labour issues.Previous to this we had to rely on declarations from our suppliers but thanks to your support we have been able to make the jump to synthetic Mica so thank you!   

Q. Do you have any PR opportunities.
A. At present no.
If and when any PR opportunities arise it will be advertised on our social media.

Please note VE Cosmetics do not offer PR to people who still use products that are tested on animals. We also do not tolerate bullying or drama of any kind, Drama is a big no no here at VE Cosmetics. We believe in Love and Unity and supporting each other. We are not interested in the amount of followers you have we are interested in your passion for our products and whether you will fit into our family.

Q. I shared a look using the VE Cosmetics hashtag on instagram but you didn't share it is there a reason why?
A. We get tagged in a lot of looks, the main reasons we don't repost are either Non cruelty free items have been used in creating the look ( I refuse to repost and advertise any product that isn't cruelty free), or you haven't mentioned what products were used - we get a lot of tags in pictures of faces but if we don't know what you have used its really difficult to repost and caption. If none of these are applicable feel free to message our Instagram page as sometimes pictures do slip through the net no matter how hard we try to repost them all.

Q. Do you have an affiliates scheme?
A. We have just launched one over a

Q. I have a charge back in place with my bank can I place another order?

A. Im afraid not. We do not accept any further orders while chargebacks are unresolved. As soon as chargebacks are resolved you are free to order again.

Q. I would like to stock VE Cosmetics how do I apply for a wholesale account.
Send us your name, store info ( address/contact number), VAT no (If applicable) and we can send you out T&C's and talk from there.Please email

Please ensure your country can receive cosmetics in bulk through customs and that you have a valid EORI number. If you do not check this and your order is returned to us you will loose the shipping fees if you request a refund, and if you require it sending again you will be responsible for further shipping fees.

Sadly at this moment in time we cannot offer wholesale to Europe as we have now left the European Union we no longer have access to the CPNP and cannot access it without an address in Europe, this means we cannot have our cosmetics for sale in Europe until we can establish an EU address to re register. 

Q. I'm a Make Up Artist and am looking for a discount code do you have any Pro Artist codes?
A. Yes send us your info ( website etc) and we can discuss things further, Any discount codes can be removed at our discretion if we believe they are being used by anyone else that isn't the person they have been issued to.